At the end of this last season of "Chicago Pd, " it looked like Erin Lindsay was moving on from the show. Fans were shocked to see this just as Jay was ready to propose to her, but everyone figured it might not really happen. It appeared to just be a cliffhanger and the next season Erin would be back where she belonged. Now, Hollywood Life is revealing the fate of Sophia Bush's character on "Chicago PD."

Sophia Bush's fate revealed

It turns out that after four seasons on "Chicago PD" Sophia Bush is going to be leaving the show. At the end of last season, she left the Chicago Intelligence Unit for a job in New York and wouldn't even answer Jay's call.

He was ready to propose to her even though they weren't together at the time. Now, it sounds like Erin Lindsay must be taking that job for sure and moving on from the show. So far, Sophia Bush isn't speaking out and fans don't know what made her decide to leave.

Could they replace her?

Rumors are that they may bring in another female lead to replace her. Guest-star Tracy Spiridakos joined the show last season, and now everyone is curious if she will end up sticking around for a while. Of course, this isn't like a soap opera where they will replace Sophia Bush in the role of Erin Lindsay. It doesn't look like there is any reason to do that and fans wouldn't accept it anyway.

Sophia Bush could end up coming back for a bit so that they can tie up the story line with her, but this isn't confirmed either.

No word yet on what she is moving on to do. Dick Wolf shared that next season of "Chicago PD" will be different saying, "We have a new showrunner, new writers, they are still hiring them. Then we will start creating ideas. It’s too early to tell [what will happen next]."

With the news recently coming out that "Chicago Justice" wasn't renewed, the fans can't help but wonder if "Chicago PD" is going to end up with the same fate.

The fact that Sophia Bush is leaving means that they are going to have to bring in a strong female lead that fans will fall in love with the way that they did her. She is not going to be easy to replace that is for sure. Sophia Bush fans followed her over from "One Tree Hill" to "Chicago PD" and are going to miss her on the show.

It is shocking that she is moving on.

Are you shocked to hear that Sophia Bush is going to leave "Chicago PD"? Did you think that she would stick around? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Chicago PD" when it returns to NBC in the fall.