According to a new report from the TV Line crew, we have confirmation that Crowley's death in the "Supernatural" season 12 finale show did indeed set up his permanent exit. They confirmed that he will not be back as a season regular for season 13. Actor Mark Sheppard also confirmed the news on his official Instagram page. He posted a picture of him blowing his fans a kiss. He captioned it by addressing all of his fans, his crew, and fellow storytellers, saying thanks for the ride. It's time for something new.

Never say never

Mark's contribution to the show dates back quite a while.

He was a recurring character for a long time before getting promoted to a season regular in season 10. His character sacrificed his own life to seal the rift between the worlds in the big season 12 finale. Later on, TV Line came back with another report on this situation. This time, they said the executive producer of the show Jim Michaels hopped on his Twitter account to respond to their report. He hinted that Crowley could still show up in the future by writing: "never say never."

Misleading to fans

However, Mark also hopped on his Twitter account to address what Michaels said in regard to his "never say never" comment. He called it misleading to fans because there are no plans to have him return to the show at any juncture.

So Jim Michaels totally got called out by Mark in this little Twitter drama.

Anyway, if you believe Mark, you should definitely plan to never see Crowley in action ever again on "Supernatural" and that is that. As previously reported, the show got an early renewal for a brand new season way back in January 2017. TV Line did mention that the show is going to keep its current Thursday night 7pm time slot.

However, instead of it being a lead-in to CW's new hit drama "Riverdate" it's going to be a lead-in for "Arrow." That means they're switching "Arrow" over to Thursday nights from the Wednesday night time slot that it held for quite a while.

Castiel will be back

In related news, we're hearing that Castiel will be back in the new season.

According to Koreaportal, Sam star Jared Padalecki let it slip that Castiel will still be a part of the show in season 13. They also speculated that we may see the alternate version of Bobby continue to make appearances on a regular basis. However, that has not been officially confirmed so we'll have to wait for more details on that before we can say that it will happen for sure. Season 13 is set to debut this Fall. Stay tuned.