Creator and executive producer Dick Wolf has four television series that air on NBC over most of the week. If fans watch one, they tend to watch the others even though they might favor one more than the others. Starting on Tuesday is "Chicago Fire" that is first in the lineup. Then on Wednesday is "Chicago PD." Fans can watch "Chicago Med" on Thursday. Then they get a break from the franchise until Sunday night when they can see the newest show, "Chicago Justice." That way people get their fill of the fire department, the police department, the medical field and the legal things that are happening in the city of Chicago.

Four shows

At one time, it was thought that all of the shows would continue as a four-unit series. Now officials are not so sure. They are wondering if one series would do better on its own without having characters show up from other shows.

A report on Deadline says there is uncertainty about the shows being connected. While some folks like the arrangement, other don't feel that they should have to watch all of them in order to understand what's going on in Chicago. Viewers tend to like crossovers from time to time but not all the time. They say they could be watching "Chicago Fire" and characters from some of the other shows might just pop up.

Shows to be renewed

It is too soon to speculate whether all four shows will be renewed.

"Chicago Fire" and "Chicago PD" are expected to come back. However, things might be different concerning "Chicago Med" and "Chicago Justice." This is not to disappoint anyone in advance, but it is entirely possible that one or both of these series could be canceled. The good news is that all four of the shows could get at least one more year before the plug is pulled on any of them.

"Chicago Justice" is not doing as well as the other three for two reasons. It's the newest show, and it airs on Sunday night while the others air during the week. There are some shows that don't do well on Sunday night no matter how good they are.

Executives say they would not be shocked if NBC considers canceling at least two of them to air two more shows with higher ratings.

After all, networks are after ratings. NBC is willing to take more risks than the other networks because of the success of "This Is Us" that gives the network more bragging rights than its competitors. One of Wolf's series that viewers can relax about is "Law & Order: SVU." There is nothing to fear because that long-running show will definitely be around for years to come.

It would be great to see all four of the Chicago shows get renewed. If the network can't bring them all back together, they will have to determine which one or two will have to go. If you were in the negotiation meeting, which one or two would you vote to cancel, and which ones would you definitely want to stay?