This is the time of year when Netflix original series start returning with new seasons -- including "house of cards" season 5. In the previous days, several images were released and theories and predictions about the show flooded the Internet. Today, Netflix released the trailer for the highly anticipated season.


The trailer alone spells out that season 5 will be more chilling than the previous season's finale scene. The one and a half minute teaser highlights a montage of scenes, while Frank Underwood can be heard in the background. The president is narrating his vision in a drawl and a series of years can be heard.

Several scenes show the power couple, Frank and Claire campaigning aggressively for reelection. Aside from the years, the sitting leader of the US said that his leadership has created an unpleasant passage to dictatorship. He foresees the future America with him still taking charge. He was quoted saying that he knows what is best for the American people. The trailer's final scene shows Frank saying, "One Nation, Underwood."

Season 4 finale

In the previous season's final episode Frank and Claire Underwood watch a live execution unflinchingly. The President then stressed that people do not submit to terror as we are the ones who make them. The statement sent was interestingly received by fans, as it was a cringe-worthy moment for some, yet, many were left yearning to watch more of the political drama.

Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is a cunning and seasoned politician who has ascended to the presidency over the series' four seasons. He utilized all ways necessary to get what he wants. He has an equally crafty wife, Claire (Robin Wright) with a strong personality and equally strong ambitions. The streaming company has been hinting that the couple's relationship will experience more fractures in "House of Cards" season 5.

The political drama will return on May 30, 2017. It also stars Jayne Atkinson, Michael Kelly, Neve Campbell, Paul Sparks, Derek Cecil, and Joel Kinnaman.