DC Comics "Justice League" movie hits theaters this November and that is when fans can get their first look at Jason Moma and his character of Aquaman. This week, Momoa starts work on the solo "Aquaman" movie from DC Comics, which is filming in Australia. This is the same basic location that "Thor: Ragnarok" and the new "Pirates of the Carribean" movie shot at. In an interview as filming is about to begin, Jason Momoa has revealed a bit about what fans can expect from "Aquaman."

"Aquaman" is a coming-of-age story

When DC Comics fans think of Aquaman, there are a couple of directions the thoughts can go.

For one thing, Aquaman has been seen as a joke for a long time thanks to his look and the "talking to fish" jokes that many satire and spoof TV shows have taken advantage of. The other mode of thinking is that Aquaman is just as powerful as Superman or Wonder Woman and is also the King of Atlantis, a royal figure seen with respect. However, Jason Momoa said that the "Aquaman" movie is a coming-of-age story, something that is unusual for a story about one of the first DC Comics superheroes.

"Aquaman" is not a sequel or reboot

While Aquaman will debut in "Justice League," he has never been seen in a movie before now. According to Jason Mamoa, that makes it better for him because it allows him to set the tone for the character of Aquaman and how he should be seen.

Ben Affleck is a good Batman but people will always compare him to Christian Bale, just as people compared Christian Bale to Michael Keaton. Even Keaton was compared to Adam West. Christopher Reeve has made it hard for people to accept Brandon Routh or Henry Cavill as Superman. Even Wonder Woman has to match up to the Lynda Carter role from the popular television series from the '70s.

Outside of a small, forgettable role in "Smallville," there is no other actor for Jason Momoa to match up to as Aquaman.

The description of "Aquaman"

When Jason Mamoa describes what he refers to as a coming-of-age story for Aquaman, he said that it is all because he is trying to find his place in the world. Momoa said that the backstory of Aquaman is that he was never accepted on the land (his father is human) and he was also never accepted in Atlantis (his mother is from Atlantis), making him an ultimate outsider. He is a half-breed who doesn't understand how to use his powers properly. Momoa said that "Aquaman" is a story of a young man becoming a man and a man becoming a King.