The highly anticipated return of "house of cards" is finally here. The series' Season 5 will premiere on May 30. However, before the official airing, the team has previously released the first few images for the upcoming season. This attracted a lot of speculations and predictions from fans and theorists alike.

Season 4 finale

In the last season, fans saw the cunning Executive, Frank Underwood, portrayed by Kevin Spacey, and his first lady Claire, played by Robin Wright strategizing to wage an all out war with the show's terrorists, the ICO. This is of course to conceal their innermost secrets.

In this same season, it can be recalled that Frank agreed to make Claire his vice president in his political bid.

First images

Entertainment Weekly recently obtained the first images for the upcoming season. One of the images revealed the power couple sporting a sweet image. This is in a way suggestive of where the previous season left off and where the next season is heading. In order to appear united and solid to voters, the couple must maintain this kind of facade.

Melissa James Gibson, "House of Cards" executive producer was quoted saying that the Washington couples are both survivors and they live with power as their religion. She revealed further that in the next episodes, both will need each other much more than ever.

They will also constantly navigate on the other's character.

Aside from that images, another one shows Frank and Claire in shaking hands with people in what appears to be a campaign. Other images not only showed Washington's power couple but also other important characters in the series. This includes Will Conway played by Joel Kinnaman and his wife Hannah portrayed by Dominique McElligott.

This couple is also eyeing for the presidency. Will Conway is a powerful and more modern politician who makes use of the power of social media. According to Gibson, in season 5, fans will see the Conways pay for the price of ambition as well as the consequences that go with it especially with their relationship.

Trump story

Fans are predicting that "House of Cards" season 5 will be showing Frank as somehow portraying Donald Trump.

However, the show's executive producer was quick to address this. She said that although there are similarities between Donald Trump and Frank Underwood, the two are both unique personalities. She noted that the current president of the US is an outsider who would like to change the system, while Francis is the exact opposite.