“Grey’s Anatomy” fans knew that Jerrika Hinton was going to leave the show at the end of the season. It appears that her character was killed off in Thursday night’s episode, after setting a patient on fire near explosive tanks. The promo makes it look like more are at risk, as the hospital is on fire and some rush back in to save individuals.

Will this be the end of some of our favorite Grey Sloan Memorial doctors? Will Meredith find the young girl, who is currently trapped where the fire has started?

Jackson goes looking for Stephanie

The end of “Grey’s Anatomy” last week makes it look like she will be one of the casualties in the Season 13 finale.

Is there any way that she could have survived that explosion? If she does, then it is highly likely that her injuries and the trauma will leave her unable to work again—and she may decide that she doesn’t want to return to Grey Sloan Memorial after everything that has happened.

Jackson has no idea what has happened or how the explosion came about. He does feel guilty for leaving Stephanie alone with the patient, who turned out to be a rapist. In the promo, he is seen running into the hospital to find and save her. Will it all be in vain and will he put his own life at risk?

He isn’t the only doctor seen running into the burning building. Ben Warren decides he isn’t going to leave his friend in there to die.

Seeing that nobody is doing anything, he grabs a bag from the ambulance and makes his way back in, definitely putting his own life at risk. There is no news about whether Jason George will return to “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14.

Meredith has difficult news for Riggs

It all looked like Meredith and Riggs were going to play happy families.

Meredith had decided to introduce Riggs to her children, realizing that he is very good with kids. That plan was quickly destroyed when she got home to find Owen asleep on her couch with Amelia.

As many fans expected, it turns out that Megan Hunt is alive. Not only is this Owen’s sister, but she is Riggs’ ex-fiance. By bringing her back, Riggs will need to make a choice between the woman he left behind and the woman he has been pursuing all season.

Will this be another love triangle for poor Meredith or will she decide not to get into this fight after everything she went through with Derek?

Meanwhile, Alex has to choose what he will do about Jo moving forward. Fans finally learned Jo’s real name (Brooke Stadler) on Thursday night after Alex found her abusive husband Paul, played by “Glee’s” Matthew Morrison. After a few daydreams, it looks like Alex has decided against confronting the man just yet. “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13 finale will air on Thursday, May 18, 2017.