Just what could happen to Dr. Stephanie Edwards on “Grey’s Anatomy?” Fans know that the character will leave the show this season, after actress Jerrika Hinton shared that she was not renewing her contract. The show looks to be setting up her exit, but so far no details have been confirmed. Here’s a look at just how Edwards could leave Grey Sloan Memorial.

She decides she can’t face the losses anymore

Edwards is starting to doubt her skills as a surgeon. Initially starting with the loss of a child on her first complete solo surgery (from start to finish), Edwards made mistakes and started to question the point of medicine when people couldn’t be saved.

One of the most devastating losses for her was a 95-year-old patient, who had chosen a risky surgery to give her more time with her husband, only for them to lose all the time that they could have had. It is possible that she will decide she can’t face any more losses and quit being a doctor.

Edwards decides Grey Sloan Memorial isn’t for her

It’s not necessarily medicine that she falls out of love with. Edwards could decide that the problems are with the hospital itself, and not just the teaching. The surgeon is becoming someone she doesn’t want to be. Maybe she takes up an offer to work somewhere else.

She gets kicked out of the program

There is still time for Edwards to be kicked out of the current residency program.

She could make further mistakes that leave Minnick, Webber, and Bailey questioning her abilities. Another option is that she fails her boards, which must be coming up soon considering the current timeline of “Grey’s Anatomy.” If she fails her boards, she could find herself without a job at the hospital, similarl to the way April initially lost her job after failing her boards.

Edwards could die in the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season finale

Season 13’s finale looks set to be disastrous. Shonda Rhimes has said that it will be “on fire,” and Debbie Allen has hinted that it will set up events for the season 14 premiere. It is possible that there will be a real fire in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, which will claim the life of at least one person.

That one person could be Edwards, possibly as she realizes that she does want to be a doctor after all. It wouldn’t be the first time that Rhimes has given a doctor a bittersweet ending.

How do you think Edwards will exit “Grey’s Anatomy?” Will it be her choice or someone else’s? Tune in on Thursdays at 8pm on ABC for more of the medical drama.