Joy-Anna Duggar is engaged and she seems really happy. She was friends with Austin a long time before they started courting, but then he didn't wait very long to propose to her. Now, the Fans are noticing that Joy-Anna looks great in love and has lost a bit of weight. A new picture on the Duggar Family Official Facebook page has everyone talking about how she looks now. Some fans almost didn't recognize her with her new look.

Joy-Anna is slimming down

Joy-Anna is engaged and in a new picture she is really slimming down. One fan commented that they didn't even recognize her until they noticed it was her little sister Josie standing by her.

Of course, over the years Josie hasn't changed very much at all. Joy-Anna could have just lost a bit of weight because of happy and busy she is, but it is also possible that she is losing weight on purpose for her big wedding. Joy Duggar wasn't a big girl at all, but you can just tell an obvious difference in her new pictures.

Another thing that fans are noticing in the picture is how much Joy Duggar likes like her older sister Jessa Duggar Seewald. Now that she has thinned down a bit, the two really do resemble each other a bit more. In this picture, her hair also looks a lot darker because of the lighting.

A few fans are worried about Joy-Anna from the pictures and just hope that she is losing the weight in a healthy way.

Her mom Michelle Duggar already shared that she had an eating disorder when she was younger. She has been very open about this issue, so hopefully, none of her girls would have problems like this and would know how to lose weight in the right way.

There is a lot of talk about when Joy and Austin will get married. Duggars are known for not having a very long engagement.

They need enough time to plan a wedding and that is about it. While they are engaged, they hold hands, but still wait for their big day for their first kiss and to do anything else. Everyone is expecting to hear that they have tied the knot very soon. There is some speculation that it could happen as soon as May. The only date they have revealed was Joy-Anna Duggar's birthday, so it seems like they were just trying to fake the fans out with that one.

Do you feel like Joy-Anna Duggar is looking great? Do you think she lost weight on purpose for her upcoming wedding? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when it returns to TLC this summer. A lot of the new season will be about her wedding.