Hey, "The Flash" peeps. It sounds like things are going to get even more intense in the new episode 21 of the current season 3 according this new press release spoilers that the CW recently put out., They're telling us that Barry is about to take things to a whole other level when it comes to trying to take down this pesky Savitar character! We're also going to see more of this new chick, Tracy Brand, in action as H.R. keeps trying to motivate her to create the big Savitar trap. We've also got an intriguing proposal in store from Killer Frost.

"Cause and Effect"

The big title reveal for this episode, is drums please. "Cause and Effect." Yes, that is true. For every effect, there is a cause. But getting into this official synopsis, they made damn sure to tell us, in all caps, that times are going to get quite drastic. So much, in fact, that they will certainly call for drastic measures to be made! So, definitely look for that to be the tone for this episode. I think that has always been the tone, but it sounds like it'll be even more intense in this one.

End to all the madness

They went on to elaborate on that big, all-caps description, by telling us that Barry is definitely going to try an implement some very drastic measures when it comes to trying to put and end to all the madness that evil Savitar has created.

Will Barry's new efforts actually work and be effective? Or will he still come up short in this, what seems to be, a never-ending battle? Well, we've got about 2 more episodes for this season after this one airs, so I'm guessing we won't get those important questions answered in this episode. I'm pretty sure they're going to carry this madness through to the big finale.

But hopefully, we at least, see some significant progress in the storyline.

Design to trap Savitar

Next, they let us know that we'll see more of H.R. Wells in action as he tries to keep pushing this new lady on the scene, Tracy Brand, to hurry up and make this design that will be able to trap Savitar. Will she be able to get this made in time to stop him from destroying every, freaking thing?

Or will she just take too got damn long like she did in the alternate timeline that Barry just got through visiting in the future? Those are the very important questions for this storyline. Hopefully, we'll see her get that thing made, but I'm guessing that they might stretch this plotline out over a couple of episodes. We'll see.

Interesting proposal

Lastly, we've got a storyline, involving none other than the hardcore, havoc-causing Killer Frost. It sounds very interesting, too, because they tell us that she's going to show back up to offer an interesting proposal. However, they don't say who she'll be offering this proposal to, so that's one our big questions for this plotline, along with what in the hell will this proposal be?

I can't wait to find out, because we're definitely going to have to wait on that.

However, as always, we may catch a glimpse of some new scenes in the preview clip that we expect to see from the CW later on, tonight. Be sure to look out for it. This episode was directed by David McWhirter, and the team of: Judalina Neira and Lauren Certo, wrote up the script. Episode 21 is set to show up next Tuesday night, May 9th,2017 at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.