A new "General Hospital" promo has just been released that reveals some details of an episode coming up on Friday, April 28, which is dedicated to the one and only Tracy Quartermaine. With actress Jane Elliot retiring from the soap, there will be quite the celebration of her character's life. It is expected to be one unique episode. It is only a few days away before she will be gone for good.

Episode details

There were spoilers that this Friday would be a Tracy-filled special and now the details of that episode has finally emerged. Tracy will be on trial for all that she has done in her life, and there are many, many things that will come to light as viewers get ready to say goodbye to this beloved woman.

The preview shows a walk down memory lane, as "General Hospital" describes.

There will be a few clips from past episodes that will definitely bring some nostalgia to some who have watched the Quartermaine family for many years. They are all unique characters and each brings their own personality to the ABC daytime drama. Tracy is a sassy, yet classy lady who has brought her sarcasm, charm, and humor to the soap for 30 years.

The trial, appropriately called life vs. Tracy Angelica Quartermaine, is expected to be the main focus on Friday and will flashback to all that she has done in her life.

When Tracy is being hauled away to the courtroom by Scott Baldwin, she asks what she has done. Diane Miller is seen walking across the courtroom saying, "What haven't you done?" The best part of this trial is that the judge whom Tracy will be facing is none other than mobster Sonny Corinthos.

This "General Hospital" episode is expected to blend not only sentimental moments for this character, but also humor will play a big part in it as well.

Tracy's last days will be as unique as she is. The video also shows Tony Geary as Luke Spencer with Tracy. However, that looks to be just an old clip from a previous show. Many viewers are somewhat expecting Geary to show up for Jane Elliot's final episode on May 4 to possibly whisk her off into the sunset, but the writers may have a totally different ending to her story.

Tracy's life

Friday's episode will showcase some of Tracy's best moments, as well as her weak and vulnerable moments throughout her life. Her relationship with her father, Edward, has always been the main focus in her life and that will also be recognized. It will be a blast from the past with many flashbacks over the years.

Tracy has always been fighting to find her place in the Quartermaine family, particularly with her daddy. She and Edward seemed to constantly be at odds, but you could tell that they secretly loved and respected each other, despite the fact that Tracy almost killed Edward. What are you most looking forward to in this Tracy-filled episode? Stay tuned for all of the fun and memories of Tracy Quartermaine's life history on "General Hospital" this Friday.