'Game of Thrones' finale is just around the corner, this July 16, 2017 to be exact, and the fans of the series are beginning to have separation anxiety. For seven seasons, the HBO original has captured the attention of the viewers around the world and has amassed an impressive number of fans and followers. That said, it is way too good of an investment that would be considered to be a shame to end its journey on the seventh season. With that in mind, there have been reports making its round on the internet that "Game Of Thrones" spinoff is under negotiations.

According to reports, HBO is not giving up on the story surrounding Westeros and is all set to prepare for several spinoffs.

On a statement made on May 4, 2017, HBO has reportedly announced that it is currently in the process of developing scripts for "Game Of Thrones" spinoff. The said spinoffs will reportedly focus on different time periods inside the vast storyline of George R.R Martin's novels.

Following the footsteps of 'Breaking Bad'

Having a spinoff after the end of a successful series is not new to the world of television networks. In fact, one concrete example of this is AMC's "Better Call Saul," which was created as a pre-quel to its phenomenally successful series, "Breaking Bad."

With this in mind, the success of "Game Of Thrones" spinoff is pretty much set with high expectations from the series, believing that all the fans of "GOT" series will still support the upcoming spinoffs.

There's more to the story than the journey to the Iron Throne

Basically, "Game Of Thrones" series centered on the allies, deceit, romance, betrayal and family conflicts around Westeros as key characters like Cersei, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen fought for the Iron Throne - to be the most powerful leader in the land.

With only 13 episodes left before the series is over, showrunners believe that there could be more to the series and a lot of possible storylines and plot twists are left to discover and cultivate.

The "Game Of Thrones" spinoff are expected to either give certain characters a rich back story or bring the viewers back to a time where everything was entirely different to how the current "GOT" series is.

For those who are wondering if the characters from the original "GOT" cast will still be around in the "Game Of Thrones" spinoff, the details remain unannounced but HBO is expected to give another press conference soon to give more details. As early as now, fans of the series are already looking forward to the upcoming spinoffs of the Emmy-awarded series for Best Drama.