The White Princess” is just the latest historical fiction TV show, based on the British royal family. It is also just the latest show based on one of Philippa Gregory’s books based on the strong women during the time of the Wars of the Roses and the Tudor dynasty. However, there have been numerous changes and additions throughout the show for creative purposes. Here’s a look at four things you need to know about the real Lizzie—more commonly referred to as Elizabeth Of York.

She was declared illegitimate by her uncle

In 1483, Lizzie’s world turned upside down.

After the death of her father, there were many who presumed that her brother, Edward, Prince of Wales, would become Edward V. Lizzie’s uncle, Richard, Duke of Gloucester had other plans. He found a way to make Edward IV’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville invalid, making Lizzie and her siblings illegitimate children of the English king. They were barred from inheriting the crown.

Henry VII made Lizzie legitimate again

It was Henry Tudor who would help to make Lizzie legitimate again. He needed a strong queen; someone who would join the two warring houses. As he was from the House of Lancaster, he needed to marry a York heir. The best option was Elizabeth of York. However, as she was declared illegitimate, they were both in a weaker position.

Henry, who was now Henry VII of England, reversed the illegitimacy claims by Richard and restored Lizzie’s title as Princess of England.

Elizabeth of York never viewed Perkin Warbeck as her brother

“The White Princess” fans are currently watching Lizzie battle between two beliefs. She wonders whether Perkin Warbeck is really her brother Richard, but also needs to act in a way to protect her son’s right to the English throne.

In real life, there is no evidence to support that Lizzie believed Warbeck was her brother; at least not in public. She may have had her doubts, but she hid them all extremely well.

Elizabeth never found out what happened to her brothers

There are so many suspicions around the fate of Lizzie’s brothers, nicknamed the Princes in the Tower.

The truth is we still don’t know if they were murdered or died of natural causes. Their bodies went missing, which led to the possibility of Richard coming back to claim the English throne. Elizabeth of York never knew what happened to her brothers. She was left to believe that as the eldest daughter of Edward IV, she was the heir to the English throne.

The White Princess” continues on Sunday with “Two Kings.” Lizzie will continue to find herself trapped between the loyalty to her mother and the protection of her children.