John Stamos and The Beach Boys held a moment of silence and made a special tribute to honor the victims of Monday’s Manchester Arena explosion, which occurred 110 miles away. They were performing at the Open Air Theatre in Scarborough, U.K. on Wednesday, two days after the terror attack that saw 22 people killed and injured a further 64. The group is currently enjoying the U.K. section of their Wild Honey World Tour.

Artists spread peace, joy and love

Stamos, the “Fuller House” star was staying at a hotel on Tuesday, in an area close to the Manchester Arena.

He told the audience at the concert that an artists' job is to spread peace, joy and love. Stamos added that most importantly, their job is to unite people using the power of music.

As noted by Entertainment, Stamos had made an Instagram post a day prior to the concert, telling his fans that concerts have always been “enduring symbols of freedom and liberty.” He said he would play with The Beach Boys the following night to honor the victims. Stamos also went to Twitter to assure their fans that they were all safe following the attack.

Mike Love of The Beach Boys called for a moment of silence

Mike Love, co-founder of The Beach Boys went on to say the band stands with all who cherish the ideals of freedom, adding that they have been uniting young people for 55 years.

He said that the victims of the Manchester terror attack are in their hearts forever. He then led a moment of silence to honor everyone affected by the tragedy.

The Beach Boys’ hearts are with the victims of the Manchester attack

One of The Beach Boys members, Bruce Johnston, told the crowd at the concert that the terror attack in Manchester on Monday evening was heartbreaking.

Johnston added that their prayers were with the victims, the injured and their families and loved ones. Johnston said that the band stands with everyone in Manchester and the U.K.

As reported by The Express, The Beach Boys then dedicated their heartwarming song “The Warmth of the Sun” to the victims of the terror attack, to which the whole audience stood up in solidarity.

The song was reportedly written on the morning of the John F. Kennedy assassination and was later released by the band in 1964. While there is no footage currently available of that part of the concert, that song is included here.

In the meanwhile, Ariana Grande has suspended her European tour through June 5, following the explosion that happened near the ticket office outside the Manchester Arena where she had just concluded her performance on Monday night. However, other planned events in Manchester will most likely proceed as scheduled.

Heightened police presence in Manchester

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said in a statement that they have increased policing in the city following the Manchester Arena attack to allow the Manchester Games and the Manchester 10K to proceed.

Police are working together with event organizers, along with the Manchester City Council, to enhance their safety and security procedures. He did warn people to expect a heightened police presence in the city.