Amber Portwood is no stranger to drama. While filming “Teen Mom OG”, Amber has been caught up in various fights with her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley, and she even landed herself i­n jail for refusing to get help for her anger management issues.

However, she never expected that her “Teen Mom OG” fanbase would turn against her simply because of a decision she made in regards to her relationship with Matt Baier. Fans, who have been watching the show, have been questioning whether Matt is truly the right man for her. It's no secret that he has been linked to drama himself, including flirting with other “Teen Mom” stars, such as Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham.

It was the comments that he made on Monday's episode of “Teen Mom OG” that have people completely rattled. Matt revealed that he had no intentions of marrying Amber after they had a huge fight. He then called her brother a derogatory term and she was shocked that he would go so low, considering they have been through so much together. The two had previously bonded over their drug use and are now celebrating that they are sober.

Amber Portwood is disappointed with "Teen Mom" viewers

Based on what fans saw on “Teen Mom OG”, it sounds like they're starting to turn on Matt. Amber took out her frustrations on Twitter, revealing that she's very disappointed in how people are all of a sudden judging her relationship.

In two separate tweets, she revealed that she was stunned at the reaction that she was getting after the episode aired. She added that the judgment she was receiving was downright terrible.

Of course, fans can only judge what they see on “Teen Mom OG”.

They may not know everything that is going on behind the scenes. Amber is surprised that they would jump to conclusions based on what MTV chose to air.

Is the judgment fair?

But fans can make up their minds based on what they see and Matt was clearly not being very respectful of his future wife and her family. Since Matt has already been linked to trouble once before, it makes sense that her fans would be questioning whether he is truly the guy for her.

Portwood has no desire to break up with him and even though she has yet to confirm their relationship status on social media, she appears to be happy.

Some of her “Teen Mom” co-stars have warned Amber about him as well. They were shocked to learn that he had reached out to both Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham before linking up with Amber. Many of them believe that he is just using her for fame and filming the hit TV show. But she does not see it that way and she is still planning her wedding.

Are you surprised that Amber Portwood is now receiving such mean tweets from her fanbase? Do you think she should listen to what they have to say and perhaps break up with Matt?