This show is literally a fairytale come true. Since the show began, fans never anticipated that it would be so prophetic, wide-reaching, and amazing in so many ways. This finale left enthusiasts all over the world breathless and eager for what's in store for our heroes.

The writers did everything in their power to make "The Final Battle" an amazing finale, yet it was not the finale. Although there might have been some plot points left unresolved, the show runners closed all the plot holes in a great manner. They managed to do the impossible: satisfy the majority of fans, give the characters the happy ending they deserved, and turn that ending into a 360 degree beginning.

Plot review

After the Black Fairy’s curse envelops Storybrooke, the final battle was not what everyone thought it would be. The real fight was for Emma's belief, something that the whole fandom has been on board with since the first episode. It seemed as if the curse was set again on Storybrooke, with the sole purpose of making Emma go back to Boston, and undoing all the magic. The writers even managed to get all the major characters together in their last moments, before being saved from the brink of death.

In this Season Finale, we got to finally see the man behind the beast, Rumple Stilskin, become the savior he was supposed to be all those years ago. He went against the Black Fairy, his mother, so that the right choice could be made, and the battle could be won.

After the characters stated themselves that they would continue their happy ending by doing whatever they feel they are supposed to, it looks like a new beginning is in store for them. Ending the show with The Last Portrait (a move that we have not seen since the The Last Portrait itself was created) was proof that the writers are not done yet, and that the story will continue

A new beginning?

It would have been nice of the writers and the producers to not continue dragging the storylines.

This TV show has suffered a bit from this, due to the writers' continuous effort to find new twists for already-existing fairytales, and adding another season on top of that awe-inspiring finale is, perhaps, too much. Most of the stars of the show will not be in the upcoming season, leaving only Regina, Captain Hook, Henry, and Mr. Gold; which does bring into question the direction that the new season will go in.

Will "Once Upon a Time" have a happy ending? Viewers will just have to wait and see.