Nyle Dimarco is not happy with Jamie Foxx. The “Dancing With the Stars” season 22 winner slammed the actor-comedian for making random gestures with his hands during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show. DiMarco, who was born deaf, took to Twitter to blast Foxx’s insensitive move, which he described as “disrespectful” to the deaf community.

Foxx made the made-up sign language gestures as Fallon was transitioning to a commercial break on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” late last week. Nyle posted a video of the Oscar-winning actor with an angry caption that called him out for the incident.

Nyle DiMarco responds to Jamie Foxx’s insensitive joke

“It is straight up disrespectful to make up sign language. Everything is in gibberish," DiMarco wrote. Nyle also tweeted a message to Fallon, asking the late night host why this behavior was allowed on his show and questioning where was the “cultural sensitivity.” Nyle added that it is “not comedy when you make fun of others.”

According to Us Weekly, DiMarco went a step further than social media. The male model also wrote an open letter to Foxx, saying that behavior that was displayed on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” should “not be tolerated anymore.”

“We simply do not make fun at the expense of other cultures, especially those with a history of being marginalized,” Nyle wrote.

“When we do this, progress takes a step backward."

Foxx may have hurt the deaf community without even realizing it

DiMarco accused Foxx and Fallon of making his goal for the Nyle DiMarco Foundation, which sets out to improve the lives of deaf people, even harder than it already is.

Nyle has been working with other organizations to ensure that “every deaf child has a usable language before the age of 5.” DiMarco revealed that only two percent of deaf people have access to education in sign language. The “Dancing With the Stars” Season 22 champion feels that Foxx’s actions may have taken his work a few steps backward.

Nyle DiMarco made headlines last year when he was the first-ever deaf male contestant to compete on "Dancing With the Stars.” DiMarco won the mirrorball trophy alongside pro partner Peta Murgatroyd. Actress Marlee Matlin previously represented the deaf community on the ABC celebrity ballroom competition.

According to ET Online, Jamie Foxx and his reps have not yet commented on Nyle DiMarco or the incident on the late night show.

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