The remake of "Dirty Dancing" that aired on Wednesday, May 24 received negative comments. Those who watched it said they definitely did not have the time of their life like the song promised in the movie. Even ABC realized it didn't get the reviews it expected.

Viewers on social media did not mince their words when they described how disappointed they were about the remake 30 years after the original. In fact, many of them demanded their three hours back from ABC.

The remake

The three-hour runtime was unnecessary, according to many critics. The original movie ran for only one hour and 40 minutes.

Many people believe ABC did it so there could be time for more commercials.

Some scenes were not the same as in the 1987 classic. People who saw both noticed the differences. Something as small as the watermelon scene was badly portrayed. For instance, in the original film, the three watermelons carried by Billy were the large long ones that were difficult to be carried. In the remark, the watermelons were small and round, and Billy had no problem carrying them all by himself. Therefore, it was no need for Baby to help him which gave her a reason to get into the dance hall. It was said that the producers couldn't even get the shape of the watermelons right.

Critics claimed there was not enough chemistry between Johnny Castle played by Colt Prattes and Baby Houseman played by Abigail Breslin.

Entertainment Weekly said they kissed like strangers trying not to get mono.

After watching all of the movies, viewers were very upset with the ending and thought it had no place in the remake because it was not in the original.

Fans of the original didn't like it when Baby and Johnny met years later. The whole movie was about them getting together against all the odds, and at the end, Baby introduces Johnny to her husband and daughter. Many people agreed that the ending spoiled the entire movie.

The comments

The remake of the movie was so bad, a person on social media said he stopped watching it and turned to the original with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

Some agree that if they hadn't seen the original, perhaps they would have enjoyed the remake a little better. Perhaps because people were familiar with the fantastic dancing done by Swayze and Grey, they thought Prattes and Breslin's dancing fell far short of what it could have been.

Critics said they had a problem with the remake going back and forth with things identical to the original and quickly changing to something entirely different. They concluded that the "Dirty Dancing" remake didn't settle on the identity it wanted.

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