Tim Allen fans everywhere are feeling a little bit of heartbreak as the ABC sitcom “Last Man Standing” has been canceled. The ABC network recently confirmed season six would be the final season of the sitcom.

Tim Allen’s character is conservative and pro-Trump

Those who have seen the show know Tim Allen’s character is both conservative and supportive of Donald Trump. This has caused some media outlets to question whether or not ABC canceled “Last Man Standing” because it supported Donald Trump give the fact that it had decent ratings.

The network canceled the series without warning

Typically, ABC and 20th Century Fox TV would spend some time negotiated licensing fees before the new season of the sitcom began. However, sources have revealed there was never any negotiating as the network abruptly decided to pull the plug.

Tim Allen is the star of the show playing the role of Mike Baxter who is the father of three daughters and the marketing director of a sporting goods store. The sporting goods store where Allen’s character works at is politically conservative and supports Donald Trump. Some fans of the series have begun to question if this is the real reason why the series was canceled.

Tim Allen urged conservative celebrities to use caution

In March of this year, Tim Allen noted to Jimmy Kimmel that he did attend Trump’s inauguration and that conservative celebrities had to be extra careful about what they said. Allen seemed to suggest discussing conservative political beliefs could destroy a celebrity’s career.

Fans of the show are shocked

Fans have been left dazed and confused as no one had any reason to believe ABC would cancel Last Man Standing” as the sitcom had solid ratings. In fact, the sitcom had just shy of 6.4 million viewers during its final season. While the series was down by 5 percent of what it normally brought in in terms of viewership, this was still pretty impressive when compared to other shows that would lose 20-30 percent of their viewership after being so many seasons into the series.

Reports also suggested the show was doing well in syndication too.

Fans of “Last Man Standing” wasted no time taking to Twitter to beg other networks such as Netflix or CMT to consider picking up the series. Some fans also slammed ABC for canceling the series for political reasons. The question remains – did ABC decide to cancel “Last Man Standing” because it was supportive of Donald Trump? Was Tim Allen right in what he had said to Jimmy Kimmel a few months prior?