While many networks have already announced the shows they will renew, there are others still with question marks over their heads. Some networks are likely just delaying the announcement for the May TV ratings sweep. While there are some shows destined to end this year, there are others that fans are confident will return. Here are four shows that will likely be renewed in 2017.

‘One Chicago’ franchise

Okay, so this would be four shows, but the whole franchise can be classified as one. Really, “Law & Order: SVU” could also be included in this list.

Dick Wolf has made an empire on NBC and all his shows are still going strong. In fact, they’re the strongest on the whole network. While newbie “Chicago Justice” isn’t doing as well as the others, for a Sunday night the ratings are still good. All shows are likely safe for the next season.


Moving over to the CW, there are two shows likely to be renewed. One is more certain than the other: “iZombie.” The program came in with a dip in views from the previous season, but nothing more than average. The ratings are still looking good, around the same or better than shows that have already secured a renewal for next season. It is also close to the syndication amount, so the CW will want to keep it going for a few more episodes.

“The Originals” also looks good, while freshman shows “Frequency” and “No Tomorrow” are done.

‘The Blacklist’

Chances are that NBC will renew “The Blacklist.” While the ratings have dropped, the show has performed strongly throughout the years. The drops are now more like expected drops as the show gets older. The network may not want to risk a new show in its place this season, but things don’t look good past season 5.

As for its spinoff “The Blacklist: Redemption,” chances are that it will be cancelled.


There aren’t many Fox shows performing that well. Out of all of them, “Gotham” looks the most stable, especially since it is one of the only DC universe shows not currently on the CW network. The pre-Batman series looks set for another year, but that could be it.

Only time will tell if it can pull the ratings back up to where they used to be. Chances are, the network will be just after a syndication number of episodes. It looks like Fox will need to consider a lot of new dramas and comedies to battle with the rest of the networks.

Do you agree with this list? Which TV shows do you think are likely renewed for the 2017 season, despite not getting the word from the networks yet? Which ones would you like to see return?