Hey, "Days Of Our Lives" folks. The drama is really going to pick up this coming week of May 8th to May 12th,2017 as Chad gets steaming mad over an Abigail, Dario and Thomas spotting. We'll also be seeing Lani try to hide her withdrawal symptoms at some point. Poor Brady is just going to get even worse. We've also got a wild goose chase, going down in Greece, and so much more! The wonderful people at NBC are the ones to thank for these very interesting storyline spoilers.

Lose his freaking mind

Like always, we're going to start things off with this Monday's big episode that lands on May 8th,2017.

It turns out that we're going to be seeing a scene go down that features Abigail, Dario and Thomas out and about together. We don't know exactly what they'll be doing since the description is pretty vague and didn't tell us that info. What we do know, is that Chad is going to spot them, and just lose his freaking mind over it! They say he's just going to be fuming. The big questions, here, is what in the hell will they be doing together? And will Chad be able to contain himself? This scenario should give us a very interesting scene, indeed.

Withdrawal symptoms

Alright, that's the only storyline scoops that they gave us for Monday, so we're just going to go over what the Tuesday May 9th, 2017 episode will have in store for us.

Again, we've just got this one storyline to offer up, and it involves Lani and JJ. Apparently, Lani will be feeling the need to keep her withdrawal symptoms a secret from him, so that's exactly what she's going to do, as they tell us that she will hide them. Will JJ end up, finding out anyways? Or will Lani pull off an Oscar-worthy acting performance?

We'll certainly see.

Next up, is some interesting and sad drama that will take place in Wednesday's May 10th,2017 installment. Apparently, we're going to see poor Brady just continue to get worse in regards to his condition. And this is going to prompt Marlena to do everything she can to get in touch with John. Will Marlena finally be able to contact John?

Or will her efforts continue to fail? Will Brady ever recover? Those are a couple of very important questions for that storyline.

Make her big escape

Ok, so now it's time for big Thursday's episode, which will land on May 11th,2017. They gave us two storyline scoopers for this one. The first one, involves Nicole and Eric. Apparently, Nicole will be trying to make her big escape, but they inform us that she will not be alone, because Eric is going to try to give her a helping hand at some point, so you'll want to look for those two to be in some serious action in this one.

Next, they let us know that we'll also see a very intense storyline, involving Hope, Andre and Chad. Apparently, Chad will be trying hard to get his hands on the amulet over in Greece, and Andre and Hope will be heavy on his trail to try and stop him!

So, definitely look for that madness to give us some thrilling scenes.

Potential confrontation

And finally, we've reached the week-ending Friday, May 12th,2017 episode. NBC let us know that, at some point, we're going to see a very potential confrontation scene with Wyatt and Theo, because Theo is going to end up,telling Wyatt that he doesn't support his relationship with Ciara anymore! How will Wyatt react? This should give us a good scene. That's it. We'll be back next week to deliver the week of May 15th,2017 spoilers. Stay tuned.