Chris Soules of "The Bachelor" is in a lot of trouble after being involved in a fatal accident. Chris was arrested but later bonded out. Now, Radar Online is sharing that police got a Search Warrant to review Chris Soules' Blood Test from the hospital. They want to make sure that they have all of the facts and now if he was drinking or not when it went down. It is possible that Chris had alcohol in his system, but as of right now, this has not been proven. Police already have this search warrant, but they haven't revealed the results of the test just yet.

Police doing what they can to prove he is guilty

There was a pretty big time lapse between the time that Chris Soules was involved in the accident and when the blood test was taken. He went back home and didn't want to speak to police at first. This could mean that the results won't be very accurate. Chris could have gone home and done something before being picked up by the police and of course, if he had been drinking at the time of the accident then Chris had some time for it to get out of his system. Police want to look over this test.

Chris Soules did call 911 before leaving the scene, but he did not stay and wait on officials to show up at the scene of the accident. He even told the police who he was when he talked to them.

Kenneth Mosher died in this accident where Chris ran his truck into the tractor. Law enforcement explained saying, "Chris did stay in his home and would not come out until the police provided a search warrant to enter his home." At this time, Chris Soules has not been charged with driving under the influence and was only charged for leaving the scene of the accident.

Right now, fans of "The Bachelor" are shocked about what happened with Chris. He won the heart of the world and also Whitney Bischoff while he was on the show. The two didn't last, but Chris still had a really big fan base after their split. He was also on "Dancing With the Stars." Now, he is starting to lose fans over this accident.

Chris even deleted his Instagram after it all went down. It seems like Chris is going to try and stay out of the spotlight if he can for now. Only time will tell if he will end up being found guilty on this case.

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