Chris Soules was involved in a deadly crash recently that landed him behind bars for leaving the scene of the accident. Chris is now out of jail after being bonded out, but it turns out that Chris and his family didn't even go to the wake of the victim Kenneth Mosher. This is pretty surprising considering they did know each other and didn't live far apart.

Details of Kenneth Mosher's wake revealed

Kenneth Moshers' family and friends just attended his wake, but Chris Soules was nowhere to be seen. There were actually about one hundred people there to celebrate his life.

It was a three-hour wake that was held for the Vietnam vet at Geilenfeld Funeral Home in Iowa. This was on Sunday, April 30.

The wake seemed very nice with an open casket funeral with Mosher wearing a casual shirt. The flowers on the casket had a tractor on them as well. Kenneth Mosher was a farmer and loved what he did. An eyewitness shared saying, "The family is taking it rather well. I don't think the shock will come in until after the funeral – when things settle down." This is a hard time on everyone.

So far, Chris Soules and his family are staying quiet about why they didn't go to the wake. A lot of people expected them to be there to pay their respects, but it might have just been easier to avoid it all together.

A lot of people there might have not been happy to see Chris Soules, and you don't want any kind of issues at a funeral.

During this accident, Chris Soules ran into the back of Mosher's tractor in his truck. He did Call 911 but left the scene of the accident before the official showed up. It turns out that Mosher had been planting his fields all day before the accident.

Farmers work a lot of long days in April when the weather is nice, and he was taking advantage of the nice day.

Chris Soules did stay at the scene of the accident to call 911, even though original reports made it sound like he left right away. More information is going to continue to come out during the trial. Right now, Chris Soules is out on bond, but he did have to give up his passport, so he won't be traveling, which also means he won't be on "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer, even though rumors were out that he would be on the show.

A lot of things are going to change for Chris Soules now.

Are you shocked to hear that Chris Soules and his family didn't go to the wake of the victim in this crash? Do you think that they should have attended? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.