As Disney prepares for the release of the eight installment in the Star Wars saga, new details were released on Star Wars "Revenge of the Sith," the third episode. In the third episode, Padme, who had become Senator Amidala by then, died after giving birth to twins. One of the twins was later revealed to be Luke Skywalker, while the other twin was Princess Leia. In the eighth installment, Princess Leia is now General Leia, and she may meet Kylo Ren, the current antagonist. As leaks for the new star wars episode continue, it has been revealed that toy maker Hasbro may have revealed the identity of Supreme Leader Snokes.

The alternate ending to "Revenge of the Sith"

Slash Film reported that the "Revenge of the Sith" was the best of the prequel trilogy although it wasn't as good as any of the original trilogy. Even this episode had its own problems because Padme, who later became Anakin Skywalker's wife, was portrayed as being somewhat wimpy in the end. Instead of fighting to stop Anakin from becoming Darth Vader, she simply gave up and lost her will to live. To fans of the series, this may have been a rather silly ending for a character who fought her way through the other episodes.

In the alternate ending, Padme actually tries to stop Anakin Skywalker. In the original version of the script, Padme is starting the rebellion behind Anakin's back. She also realizes that Anakin is becoming a monster, and once Anakin leaves for Mustafar, she brings in the Separatists who will form the Rebel Alliance.

She then follows Anakin to Mustafar. Padme is carrying a knife, and although they embrace when they meet, she plans to kill the man she loves. Although she tries to kill him, she finds she can't, and then the movie plays out the way it did in the original, where Obi-Wan Kenobi shows up and does battle with Anakin.

Padme founded the Rebel Alliance

Games Radar reported that in the original ending, Padme realized much sooner that Anakin was falling for the Dark Side.

Because she knew what was happening much sooner, she would have taken action to unite the Separatists, and she would have taken more direct action against Anakin Skywalker. She had already seen Senator Palpatine declare himself the emperor, so Padme knew what was coming. Although Padme would have died giving birth, she would have gone out with a little more glory than what was portrayed in the final film.

The good news is that fans still have new movies to look forward to, including a new Han Solo prequel.

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