Has your favorite show been renewed for the 2017-2018 season? Maybe it’s one of those with a fate still in the air. There are a few shows that have hit the chopping block even though fans had high hopes that they would be saved. Likewise, there are shows that many expected to be canceled but will live to see another day. Here are four shocking renewal and cancellation decisions of 2017.


NBC’s “Timeless ran out of time this year. It didn’t get the viewing figures to justify the high budget show. Fans instantly took to Twitter to slam NBC for the decision, saying that it was one of the best shows on the network.

The downside for the show was the budget and possibly the timeslot. In a unique situation, NBC reversed the decision for the cancellation and said that “Timeless” Season 2 would happen in summer 2018.

"Secrets and Lies"

While it performed poorly compared to the first season, the cancellation of this drama was a shock to some fans. It was even a shock to some publications, considering ABC renewed “Quantico,” which aired in the same timeslot and had even lower ratings! “Secrets and Lies” just didn’t do well enough to justify keeping it on the air.


This CBS show was on the bubble throughout the year. In fact, there were expectations that the show would be canceledd last year, because the ratings just aren’t that great. However, CBS recently announced that “Elementary” is renewed for the 2017-2018 season.

There is no confirmation when it will air just yet. It looks like international ratings and profits are the reasons behind this shocking renewal.

"Chicago Justice"

When “Chicago Fire” and two other Chicago shows were renewed, fans couldn’t help but notice that “Chicago Justice” was left off the list. This was a shocking decision, as the majority of publications viewed all four from the franchise as safe bets.

To make matters worse, there is still currently no decision over the fate of the show. NBC is currently looking at how to fit it into next season’s schedule, but that isn’t easy with so many other shows renewed.

Which of these shows were you most shocked about? Were you shocked to learn about the fate of a different show? There are certainly a few fan favorites that are saying goodbye this year due to poor ratings, arguably suggesting that the way to determine the fate of a show needs to be changed.

After all, how many people actually watch live now?

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