Celebrities can now avoid public queues as they have got their terminal at LA airport. Celebrities are not normal folks, but previously they went through public airport security checks and frisking beside open waiting for a flight. But thanks to the new terminal, the celebrities will now travel privately and exclusively in flights.

The terminal is so exclusive that sometimes there is no one there other than oneself. This luxury suite at LA airport rivals and even outshines similar airport luxury endeavors like at Heathrow in London. There is also a pet-friendly suite with outdoor patio and even an alcohol-free Middle Eastern suite with prayer mats.

Private exclusive experience

The new private terminal of LA airport for celebrities is named The Private Suite and offers a premier exclusive experience. Tucked away from the general airport and safe from paparazzi photo lens, it is membership only. Controlled by Becker and Associates, a Los Angeles-based security company, the private terminal membership offers luxury, style, and freedom from baggage hassles.

The private terminal membership includes customer service by eight member team including drivers to get members direct to the plane.

Music sensation Belinda Carlisle put a picture of herself in the private terminal suite on the way to Shanghai and described it as amazing experience on Instagram. Other celebrities who have similarly used the terminal include Hollywood star Goldie Hawn and Khloe Kardashian.

Quality and premium membership

Private terminal membership includes waiting in private suites for flights or sharing a snazzy lounge with only fellow travelers.

Some private suites are geared towards families and include delicious food service and a hip bar. Massages are also offered in the suites for therapy and relaxation for flight besides manicure as a pastime.

The membership fee for this exclusive luxury private terminal experience is an annual 7500 dollars and a terminal fee of 3000 pounds for four people on each flight.

The terminal is thus pretty exclusive, and high profile is appealing to Hollywood A-list celebrities.

The private suite experience is sparkling and high profile besides being unique and luxurious. The new terminal would hide stars from peering fans, photojournalists, and the general public. There is also a stunning view of airport runway from the private suites besides headsets and availability of any food item or drink.