Even though New York City has lot of art and art deco architecture and spaces, there is also lot of trash and the flower designer Lewis Miller, who has been walking the city streets in the last few months, came up with the idea of leaving magnificent flowers in the garbage cans, statues and everywhere that inspire it.

Flowers as therapy and art space boost

Miller, who runs the Lewis Miller Design group and tries to revise the city architecture with flowers, sees the project as an attempt to make the city more appealing and less routine and boring.

However, he clarifies that his intention is not to turn theBig Apple into an Alice in Wonderland scenery, but rather a space for Zen, beauty, and craftsmanship.

The idea for transforming trash cans in the city came after flower show at the John Lennon Imagine memorial in the city where there was a psychedelic array of bright and gaudy colors and flowers. The goal of the project has been to create smiles in people and a sense of wonder, and with social media and city groups there has been an immediate followership, and numerous selfies and photos shot at the flower pots in garbage cans of the city.

Garbage cans as well as iconic symbols

The places chosen for the flower inspiration were not just ordinary garbage cans but also those in places that have a visual appeal or dramatic background or have murals painted on city walls to complement the picture like an art gallery.

Besides the flowers and flower shows have been put not just in garbage bins but also at statues and squares in the city to create a sense of comprehensive art layout.

Some of the places in the city where the flower decks have been created are not just trash cans but also iconic symbols like the New York Love sculpture, the Village East Cinema and the Bond Street, the Crosby Street Hotel and the Houston Bowery Wall.

New York is already full of Street Art, and the flower replacement therapy comes as a boon to improve the beauty of trash and junk areas and make things pretty and Zen style like a Japanese ikebana flower arrangement.

The trash cans do however look gorgeous, and cinematic thanks to the flowers and lot of photos have been shot and shared on social media that create a Zen space of beauty and art in the city and a lively throbbing urban art space and culture. After garbage cans, the designer and his team now plan to transform Pizza Hut establishments and infuse novel wonder in the city.