A five-star bus service like a moving five-Star Hotel has opened in California and offers a Luxury journey to travel between the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles on the west coast along the highway. The bus service is full of conveniences for the traveler and is called "Cabin" and for a price of about 100 dollars each route, one gets to have his own bed and cubicle on the bus and can even talk to fellow travelers in nearby cubicles. There are also rest rooms and bath rooms in the bus and it offers five-star luxury on the road trip.

Lot of privacy, leg space, and social setup

The iconic bus service is termed the "moving hotel" as it offers the amenities of a luxury hotel in a bus and covers the distance of about 650 kilometers between the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles with ease and elan. Unlike a normal sleeper bus service, passengers here have their own sleeping capsules with a lot of leg space, windows, and curtains for privacy and light for reading or even using mobile internet. If the person feels isolated he/she can also talk to fellow passengers on the bus in other capsules as some pictures in social media seem to demonstrate. Though the bus service is called "Cabin," it was earlier termed "Sleepbus" and departs either city at night and reaches the other in the morning.

There are about twenty-four beds on the bus with an elegant living room and shared common bathroom besides a social setup like social media.

Like a five-star hotel or pricy flight

Each capsule also comes with socks, water bottles, earplugs for the ear and melatonin infused water for safety. All beds are fitted with pillows, mattress and blankets and there is also a certified assistant on board the bus for the duration of the trip to assist all passengers and rather than a bus conductor he appears like an air hostess.

According to the chief executive officer of the bus company, these bus services are like a luxury airplane and moving luxury guest service like in a five star hotel. There are also facilities like tea and coffee and social gathering in the communal lounge of the bus.

The bus service presently operates only in California, but there are also plans to open trips on the east coast covering the cities of New York and Boston.

Moreover, it seems there are plans to open a Harry Potter themed bus service to add a spooky Gothic element to the night bus trip on the road. The bus services are definitely stylish and classy and do not look like a typical run of the mill tourist bus service between cities and creates Hollywood style luxury and elan.