For the third time this year, Brooke Logan cannot decide who she will marry. This woman continues to be torn between the same two lovers, Bill Spencer and Ridge Forrester. She has been married to and divorced from each of them. Brooke needs to make a permanent choice, and this Love Triangle must come to an end.

The love triangle

Earlier in the year, Brooke began having an affair with Bill, who was married to her sister Katie. She and Bill made plans to marry after the divorce was final. Ridge Forrester showed up just before the nuptials, and Brooke listened to what he had to say.

Bill was livid that Ms. Logan did not immediately throw the dressmaker out, and called off the wedding. Later Bill had a change of heart, but it was too late. Brooke had decided to marry Ridge.

About a month ago, Brooke and Ridge were going to be married in Australia. The day before the ceremony, she caught Ridge kissing his stepmother Quinn. Brooke broke up with Ridge and immediately went back to the waiting arms of Bill Spencer. Now it's time for Brooke and Bill to marry, but Ridge will not give up.

Who will she choose

On Wednesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," as Bill was in his office bragging to his sons and best friend Justin, Ridge was trying to convince Brooke to marry him.

Rather than stand her ground, Ms. Logan just stood there with that puppy dog look on her face and said not a word. Something is wrong that this woman cannot make up her mind. It's also very dysfunctional that these two men are continually battling for her affections as if she is a great trophy prize.

Spoiler alerts are not saying which man Brooke will choose to be her spouse, but Ridge wore her down once before.

It's also possible that Bill will find out about Ridge and Quinn, and use it as leverage. He will benefit from this knowledge, and ensure he winds up with his lady love. Viewers are tired of this love triangle because it is beginning to get old. "The Bold and the Beautiful" writers really need to get a clue.

In addition to Bill and Ridge each having been previously married to Brooke, both men also were married to her sister Katie.

Bill's sons Liam and Wyatt have been in love triangles with Brooke's daughter Hope and Ridge's daughter Steffy. Also, decades ago, Ridge was torn between Brooke and Taylor. Along the way, Brooke was married to Ridge's father Eric. This woman just does not now who she really wants to spend the rest of her life with. She will no doubt make her decision by the end of Thursday or Friday's episode this week. Then we will know if she chooses Dollar Bill or the dress maker