Daytime dramas used to have what they called cliffhanger Friday. This was when situations that have been gaining momentum from Monday through Thursday, would come to a head at the end of the show on Friday. Viewers, however, would have to wait through the weekend, until the following Monday for total resolution. This Wednesday's episode of 'The Bold and the Beautiful,' was written like a cliffhanger Friday. Several big reveals, took place, in this midweek episode. Everything hit the fan for Dollar Bill Spencer. And he owes it all to his son Liam.

Liam set it all in motion

Liam found out that his dad Bill, wanted to erect a skyscraper at the site of the old "Spectra Fashions" building. Bill had contacted the owner, C.J. Garrison, to make an offer. He was informed that C.J.'s cousin Sally had a lease on the building and was reviving the fashion house. The only way Bill could obtain the property, and raze the building, was if Sally defaulted on her rent. When Spectra had an open house, Dollar Bill asked fashion critic Jarrett Maxwell to attend. He told him to write a review of Spectra Fashions that would send Sally packing.

Maxwell attended the event, and came away with a positive attitude of Ms. Spectra. He informed his boss that Sally's designs had promise.

When he refused to write a more negative review, Bill wrote and published his own. Sally was crushed, and believed she had no talent. This led her to listen to her grandmother Shirley, who said they must steal designs from Forrester, and pass them off as Spectra originals. Sally had reservations, because she was in love with Thomas Forrester.

She went with her aunt's plan however, because she had a staff, and bills to pay.

After putting it all together, Liam realized that his father would not be in position to own the Spectra building, if the promising review by Jarrett Maxwell had been printed. Liam informs his wife Steffy, of his father's dastardly deed, and she initially decides to keep it to herself.

Later, Steffy tells her brother Thomas, who rushes to Spectra to save the day. And this is when everything hits the fan.

Bill Spencer must answer for his misdeeds

Thomas arrives at Spectra, just in the nick of time. C.J. is about to sign Bill Spencer's check, and turn ownership of the building and property over to him.. Thomas fills everyone in on the facts and calls Dollar Bill out on trying to pull a con. Even though he now must Face The Music, Bill Spencer is unrepentant. He tries to play it off as no big deal, and continues to dangle the $100,000 check in front of C.J.

Spencer teases Thomas about being Sally's night in shining armor, and chides the couple about young love. Bill is over bearing and condescending, without apology.

When he finds out that son Liam snitched, he will forgive "the boy scout," eventually. And will no doubt find another way to come out on top, The people who were collateral damage however may not do so well. The Forrester's and Spectra's have had their lives permanently altered by Dollar Bill's greed.