On Tuesday, while attending the International Republican Institute Dinner, John McCain spoke out regarding the scandals in the trump administration. He was quoted as saying that the situation is on the same scale as Watergate, and that this type of thing is not good for the country.

Donald Trump and John McCain

When he was running for president, Donald Trump disrespected John McCain in a major way. He said the former prisoner of war was not a hero because hero's don't get captured. Despite this and other derogatory statements, Trump was voted in as our 45th president.

Now, the Arizona senator is one of only a few Republicans who are vocal about their disdain for the way the current administration is running things. McCain has been calling for Trump to admit that he lied regarding Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, as well as wanting to hold his feet to the fire regarding Russian collusion.

Russia continues to be the major issue

While attending the Republican Institute Dinner, McCain spoke out regarding the news that the president tried to get James Comey to stop the Russian investigation. He also said that the president sharing secrets with the two Russian envoys will hinder relationships with America's allies and partners. It was noted on CNN on Tuesday that there was an errie silence coming from Republicans on Capitol Hill.

In the eyes of many Americans, the silence speaks volumes.

The GOP as a whole not saying anything regarding Donald Trump spiraling out of control actually says everything. They should unify behind McCain, because they know the issues coming from the White House are serious. Unfortunately, they are ashamed, and more concerned with party loyalty than standing up for the nation.

Russia is the smoking gun, and the dots are finally connecting.

Scandals de-value the nation's power

John McCain stood his ground, and he never officially supported Donald Trump. Fellow members of the GOP, including Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz, spoke against Donald Trump during the election, but now seem to be ride or die. On CNN, Diane Hessan just said that corps Trump supporters have tuned out all the noise and are simply not paying attention.

In other words, they are burying their heads in the sand. This is a dangerous attitude because the entire world is watching. These high-level scandals will de-value the nation's power. John McCain understands this, has chosen to be bold, and is facing the issues head-on.