Ariana Grande is safe in her home tonight after the last 24 hours have been chaos for her. She had a show last night in Manchester, England for her Dangerous Woman World Tour. After finishing the night with a packed stadium of 25,000 people, the unimaginable happened. A Suicide Bomber with ties to ISIS blew himself up and killed 22 people. There were also 59 people injured in the blast, most with horrific injuries.

Chaos for Ariana Grande

Right now, Ariana Grande is having a hard time coping with what happened in Manchester. She is very fan-oriented and the attack has left her speechless.

A few hours after the incident happened, she sent out a tweet telling the world she was broken. Grande reportedly spent the night crying and sobbing uncontrollably. According to US Weekly, the superstar flew home to Florida at some point today, She was met at the airport by her boyfriend, Mac Miller. As you can imagine, he was happy to see her. Right now, she is working through what happened and trying to get a grip on her emotions. Her mother was in Manchester with her and helped to get fans to safety in the midst of chaos. She is being hailed a hero.

There have been no new updates on whether or not Ariana Grande will continue on with her world tour. This incident has really changed her and with only a little bit more than 24 hours passing since it happened, she isn't ready to make a decision.

Grande is said to be focusing on the victims right now and waiting to make an announcement regarding her plans at a later date. She is supposed to play in London later this week but that will likely be canceled.

Manchester in mouring

Manchester is still working to get things cleaned up and the investigation into what happened at the Ariana Grande concert is still underway.

The main bomber was pronounced dead at the scene, his death included in the toll of 22. The city will never be the same but in their time of need, everyone pulled together to ensure those unharmed remained safe. Taxis gave free rides, hotels offered rooms, and strangers came out to assist with getting people in contact with their family.

There is still plenty more to do but for now, the city remains united.

The next few days will unearth more details about the man who did such a heinous thing. Ariana Grande will need time to heal and a decision about her future is expected within the next week. After something so horrific, those who were affected need time to process what happened.