Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of TLC's "Counting On" are once again being called hypocrites. This time, Facebook and Twitter fans are questioning the parents on their "Biblical" body-shaming and anti-obesity messages. Joy-Anna Duggar showed significant weight- loss before her wedding to Austin Forsyth. Folks were reminded that Michelle pushes her girls to lose weight to please God, but TLC viewers noted that some "19 Kids and Counting" men are looking rather plump themselves, even obese.

Duggar body-shames and bedazzles daughters

Mrs. Duggar has written blog posts admonishing women to stay fit to please God.

But it sounded like she was more interested in making her girls attractive to men -- and that's not her only confusing teaching. Jinger Duggar Vuolo broke cyberspace wearing pants because the "19 Kids and Counting" women don dresses only. But, they juxtapose Puritanical long-skirts with flamboyant makeup and ultra-styled hair. It's Bible on the bottom, Babylon on top!

Anna Duggar fat-shamed and blamed for adultery

Is the mega-mom of "19 Kids and Counting" just trying to avoid unhealthy obesity? Or is she unwittingly advocating anorexia? Calling someone fat, ugly, or ungodly is the very thing that drives women to an eating disorder or plastic surgery. It must have sounded like fat-shaming to Anna Duggar.

The "Counting On" mom hushed up son Josh Duggar's pedophilia and then basically faulted her daughter-in-law for Josh's pornography use, adultery, sex addiction, etc.

The "Counting On" matriarch hinted that happy husbands don't stray and that women must always be dolled up and ready for sex. This ensures that cheating husbands will stay out of the beds of others.

Anna must have interpreted that to mean she wasn't pretty enough to keep Josh. The young mom showed big, eating disorder-like weight-loss after the infidelity scandal. Was that due to stress, depression or her "19 Kids and Counting" mother-in-law's hints at failure?

Josh Duggar lands on his feet

Did a "hotter" wife lure Josh's roving eye back home?

It seems so, as the reality television couple are pregnant again, and the pedophile can't seem to lose for winning: new baby, faithful wife, lovely family, no punishment for pedophilia and a new job to boot. Josh is "Counting On" a return to TLC. After failed rehab, the sex addict dad can't make enough to support his growing family without reality TV.

Josh, Jim Bob Duggar gain weight?

Is Duggar also exempt from Bible teaching on weight-loss? Both Jim Bob Duggar and his son are showing weight nearing obesity. You may be surprised that the BMI (body mass index) chart defines 5'10' as overweight at 174+ and obese at 208+. Both Duggars lost weight a few years ago, but it didn't seem to be God-mandated and both are looking heavier again. Regardless, in no universe are Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald, Jana Duggar or any of the "19 Kids and Counting" girls overweight. Yet God expects weight-loss of them as the men get fatter?