Ariana Grande is having a hard time dealing with what happened last night at her concert in Manchester. The 23-year-old superstar was doing a show on her Dangerous Woman World Tour and things turned deadly. Just before she closed the show, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb inside the packed arena. The place holds up to 25,000 people and it was packed for Grande's performance. As the chaos unfolded, no one knew what was really happening.

Ariana Grande cried all night following the attack

According to Us Weekly, Ariana Grande is taking the attack incredibly personal.

She was uninjured in the bombing but spent the entire night crying with her crew and family. Most of Grande's fans who were in attendance were young children and teens. She is very fan-oriented and when this happened, she was deeply affected. As of now, there is no word on whether or not the tour will continue as any big decisions have been put on hold while everyone grieves for the lives lost last night in Manchester. It is speculated that the entire tour will be canceled as Ariana needs to be able to recover from what she experienced. There is a show scheduled for London later this week and a call has not yet made on that one either.

Information about the victims has been trickling out. ISIS did claim responsibility for the attack.

Several people still have missing family members and there are still unidentified bodies waiting to be claimed. The entire situation is tragic and the families who are mourning are the first priority for Ariana Grande. She has a special connection with her fans and she is one of the most popular female artists on the radio today.

Police in Manchester have one suspect in custody and the other who detonated the bomb was found dead at the scene. He has been identified and linked to a terrorist group.

Ariana is surrounding by strong support

If you are a "Big Brother" fan, you will know that Ariana Grande's big brother, Frankie, was a contestant on the show.

His love for his sister has been apparent for years and he is going to be there for her to help her through this difficult situation. Grande's mother was in Manchester during the attack and reportedly helped get fans to safety. A very heroic move in a time of sheer panic.

While fans wait for an announcement about the rest of the tour, Ariana Grande is thinking of her fans and the horrific tragedy that happened less than 24 hours ago. As more information becomes available, it will be updated.