There was a sound of an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, and it sent concert-goers into a panic causing chaos as people tried to exit the arena. It was after 10 at night when the explosion was heard and sent people running. According to Fox News Live, police in Manchester are confirming there are "a number of casualties" from this incident.

Explosion heard, but not seen

So far, all people can say is that they "heard" a massive explosion -- one that actually was felt deep in your chest, as a concert-goer said to Fox News live during a phone interview.

Reports have all been saying there was the sound of an explosion, but in all the videos coming in from the social media sites, there is nothing to indicate any sights of an explosion, such as smoke.

A balloon pops near the mic?

It is possible that a balloon popped near a mic, sending people into a panic. While police have confirmed there are casualties, that doesn't mean they were the result of a bomb. Once that explosive sound was heard, it erupted the concert arena into chaos with people trying to get out. Because one of the exits was closed, it could be that people were trampled while trying to get out. No one is sure where this explosive sound came from, but it appears to have come from the main foyer area.


Could it be the fatalities were due to the stampede of people running to get out of the arena after hearing the explosive sound? There is no official word yet on anything that has happened in Manchester, just that there are a "number of casualties." Now that an hour has gone by since the explosion, it is rather odd that the reports of casualties don't have any numbers to go with it.

Ariana Grande OK

According to Variety, Ariana Grande is OK, and she got out of the building and is fine. The arena has a rail line running close by, which has been closed down. The reporter from Fox News said that the arena is almost on top of the railway in that area.

The Manchester Police released a statement via Twitter, which can be seen below.

Concert goers have reported that a loud "bomb-like bang went off that panicked everyone and we were all trying to flee the arena." The fear of terrorists is on everyone's mind, but nothing has been revealed by authorities to indicate they are even entertaining that thought.

One concert goer said people were trying to exit the concert out of the Trinty Way exit, but that was blocked, sending everyone running in the opposite direction. The concert had just finished and the lights in the arena had gone on just as the explosion has heard.

Fox also said that while the explosion is not confirmed a terrorist attack, BBC is now reporting officials are treating it as a terrorist attack until it is learned otherwise. The bomb disposal team is now on the scene.