Amber Portwood has been making headlines almost daily. She is one of the "Teen Mom OG" stars and her relationship with Matt Baier has been tumultuous at best. The two have a 20-year age gap which has been heavily criticized by fans of the show and one of Portwood's co-stars. The back story surrounding how they met has gotten a lot of attention and now that the new season of the MTV hit is airing, their dirty laundry is being strewn across social media.

Amber meets with Vivid

Today, more information about Amber Portwood was brought up. According to US weekly, Amber, and her boyfriend, Matt Baier met with the owner of Vivid Entertainment.

This meeting happened earlier this month and was in response to an offer made by the business to film an adult movie starring Portwood. In fact, she was initially approached before her "Teen Mom OG" co-star Farrah Abraham to do a movie. She turned down the offer citing her daughter as the reason why.

The news comes as a shock to "Teen Mom OG" fans because Amber Portwood has been slamming Farrah Abraham on and off for over a year about her choice to make the adult film. These two were once friends and now, they are mortal enemies. Both Portwood and Matt Baier criticized Abraham for her choices, saying she wasn't a good role model for her young daughter. Aside from that, the two got into a physical altercation because of a comment Abraham's "friend," Simon Saran made about Baier being a pedophile.

It all happened at the "Teen Mom OG" reunion last year. It was messy, just like MTV wanted.

What is next for Amber and Matt?

Fans are confused about the meeting the couple took with Vivid Entertainment. Their relationship is less than stable right now with rumors of Matt cheating on Amber being tossed around nearly daily. The most recent episode of "Teen Mom OG" featured the couple in Vegas where he wanted desperately to marry her.

When he didn't get his way, he became upset and said some pretty hateful things about Amber. It was addressed on the after show, but Portwood is allegedly making excuses for his behavior, blaming MTV for bad editing.

Another day, another story about Amber Portwood and Matt Baier. There is someone who is claiming to be his side chick feeding several blogs information, which has also stirred up trouble in paradise. The last thing this couple needs is an adult film but should Amber decide to do it, she is looking at a payday of $85,000 plus 35% of revenue from what the film makes over time.