Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have been under heavy criticism since they announced their relationship. He was introduced to "Teen Mom OG" fans nearly right away and began filming alongside his lady love. There was an incident that happened between Portwood and Baier when they were in Las Vegas that showcased his anger issues. Fans began to worry about the couple, but she brushed it off and continued her whirlwind romance becoming engaged not too long after their trip.

Amber wants answers

Because Amber Portwood is in the public eye every single minute of her life, there are a lot of people close to her that would sell her out in a minute.

Rumors began circulating that Matt Baier had at least one side chick, and phone conversations were circulating across social media with someone who sounded like him talking to someone else about Amber. There was allegedly a romance with said girl, though nothing has been confirmed. Portwood wanted Baier to take a Lie Detector Test, and that caused issues between them because he reportedly failed some important questions.

There were rumors circulating that Amber Portwood kicked out Matt Baier after the lie detector test was failed. According to the Hollywood Gossip, the couple is still living together. Portwood isn't sure what she wants from the relationship anymore and while she has been wishy washy for a few weeks, a final decision is expected to be made soon.

Wedding canceled for the second time

Last year, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier canceled their October wedding without much explanation. They rescheduled for October 2017, with the episodes of "Teen Mom OG" airing now showed Amber trying on a wedding gown and getting emotional. The upcoming show this Monday will feature a blowout between Portwood and Baier, one that will change the course of things.

After all of the recent mess that has been brought to light, the wedding for this October has also been canceled. It appears they are not ready to commit to anything as big as marriage, which is unsettling with the amount of time they have spent together.

Fans have spoken out in support of Amber Portwood walking away from Matt Baier and starting a brand new life.

Because of their age difference, there is a lot that has come between them. She is closer to his son's age than his, which makes things awkward. Portwood deserves to be happy in life and if Baier is just using her for her money and fame, he needs to go.