Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have together for a few years now. They both appear on "Teen Mom OG," and were making plans to get married. In fact, the current season that is airing now has shown some previews where Portwood is trying on wedding dresses. She appears to be unsure and emotional, which has fans questioning whether or not Amber would marry Matt.

Rumors of Matt cheating on Amber

There have been several rumors throughout their relationship that have accused Matt Baier of cheating on Amber Portwood. With nearly a two-decade age gap between them, fans found it odd that they were an item.

Matt had reportedly been tweeting to Amber which turned into messaging and then eventually meeting in person. Portwood is not the only "Teen Mom" franchise star that has garnered attention from Baier, Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans were also on his list of favorites and people who had attempted to tweet with. Despite the rumors of infidelity, Amber remained by Matt's side. Now, it appears she may have changed her tune.

According to the Ashley, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are split up. They were both in Los Angeles this past week and she reportedly sent him back home to Indiana and told him to pack up and get out. The Ashely reveals that Portwood asked Baier to take a Lie Detector Test about cheating and he failed some very important questions.

He is attempting to repair the relationship but Amber's inner circle is hoping she won't keep him around. There was allegedly some evidence they had of his cheating which is what prompted Portwood to request the lie detector test. This has been a long time coming and finally, things will be let out in the open about what happened between Amber and Matt.

Matt Baier may be single

If Amber Portwood sticks to her guns and doesn't allow Matt Baier back into her life, he will be on the market. He already has several children with various women, which is not something many can let slide. Portwood has some mental health issues that she has addressed on "Teen Mom OG" and it is alleged that Baier was hoping to worm his way into her life for the money.

She has been supporting him since the beginning, even helping out his children with finances. Baier is supposed to be releasing a book and he got his own "Teen Mom" special, but without Portwood, none of that would have happened.

It is unclear what the future holds for Amber Portwood and Matt Baier, fans are hoping for the best. Their relationship was highly criticized from the beginning and now, it is over within the blink of an eye.