As many fans of the popular figure skating series, "Yuri On Ice", know; the final volume of the BluRay/DVD release is coming out soon! The series has a total of six volumes altogether, all of which have the original episodes, updated for release animations, and confirmed bonus content. However, the extra content promised on the sixth volume is what really created a stir! The unseen exhibition skate from the youngest of the main trio: Yuri Plisetsky.

The "sneak peak" for the bonus material first made its rounds in early April, showing a short video of the "Ice tiger" everyone knows and loves wowing fans by skating to an impassioned rock piece called "Welcome to the Madness".

For a while, it was thought that would be the only first glance that would be given before the release on May 26.

Until leaked scans of an extra manga one-shot found it's way online only three days before release.

Thanks to @aitaikimochi on Twitter, the fans know exactly what's being said! In the leaked scans, "Yurio" is distraught, and in an argument with his close friend and competitor, Otabek Altin. Otabek is known for his unflinching demeanor, blunt attitude, and now: his love of music.Yuri is furious with his friend for leaving him the night before his exhibition skate, claiming that they can't possibly be friends if he can leave so easily. The central problem seems to be that Yuri, being too young to enter a popular club, cannot join Otabek who wishes to go.

Otabek leaves despite Yuri's angry outburst and in the next, panel we see Otabek DJ'ing in the club.

Then Yuri Plisetsky, in what appears to be his "Welcome to the Madness" gear, makes his appearance.

We're not quite sure what happens next, as the leaks only show a total of 4 scans. But from what we've seen so far we know that Yuri's demeanor definitely hasn't changed much from the original series.

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Not even for his "best friend". We know that Yuri, at some point, grabs Otabek by his shirt collar and pulls him close, a triumphant smirk on his face. We can be certain based strictly off of Yuri's personality that things definitely won't remain calm, and considering his competitive nature, the club may just see what Yuri's anger can bring.

Maybe we'll even see a dance off or two? Or perhaps, in this case, a DJ-off?

Regardless of the content, could this one-shot be the reason why many fans believe to see Otabek on the ice during the teaser trailer? Will something happen in the club to make the two decide to work together on the ice? Or was the exhibition pre-meditated?

Either way, the fans are excitedly waiting for the release!

Volume six will be released on May 26th! If you haven't seen the teaser trailer, you can watch it below!

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