Daytime dramas usually have must see story lines during May Sweeps. ABC's last remaining soap opera "General Hospital" hosts it's annual Nurses Ball in the month of May. Each year something dramatic always happens during the gala. This year will be no exception. In fact, Port Charles will be in for a big surprise, and it comes from little Jake.

The Chimera encounter

GH fans recently have seen pieces of a puzzle come together regarding the mythical creature the Chimera. The image of the fabled monster is affecting numerous Port Charles residents.

Little Jake, the son of Elizabeth and Jason, has been drawing the image in his sleep. It is also on a canister in the box where he keeps his magic kit. Each time he looks at it , he remembers Helena Cassidine saying to him," Jake never forget, never tell." He has hidden the canister from family, by saying that a good magician never tells his secrets.

Jake's father and Franco found the mythological creature's image on a tree in the woods on Cassadine Island They have no clue what it is all about. At the same time, Anna Devane's twin Alex impersonated her and tried unsuccessfully to obtain information from Valentine Cassidine, who now has the Chimera. On Friday, Anna grilled her twin for all information she can give, so the mystery can be solved.

Viewers know, however, there will be danger and espionage along the way.

The annual Nurses Ball

Whatever details there are regarding The Chimera, they will no doubt be revealed at the Nurses Ball. Jake is set to do his magic tricks for the attendees and that Canister will do something dastardly. It may explode, cause someone to disappear, or perhaps bring Helena Cassidine back from the dead,(yet again).

Smoke from the canister may cause people to black out so they can be robbed. Anything is possible with the Cassadine family, and also the GH annual event. Having the two collide will be double prizes for fans.

By the end of the Nurses Ball or at least the end of the week it airs, all the pieces should fall into place. Anna, Alex, and Valentine should have answers So will Jason, Franco, Elizabeth and Jason's wife Sam.

Little Jake should be able to go back to a normal childhood, and guilty parties incarcerated. May sweeps, will be a ratings booster, and "General Hospital" fans should be satisfied with a job well done. In addition, many of the cast will showcase other talents such as singing and dancing. Lucy Coe will be stripped of her clothing, and money will be raised for the AIDS Foundation.