The second season of our beloved animated series Rick and Morty started off with a bunch of dark episodes, and we’re going to focus on the second episode. ‘Mortynight Run’ has got to be one of those largely talked about episodes and personal favorites of many in the fandom (every episode of "Rick and Morty" is an absolute gem and we me no discrimination, but let's be honest, everyone has their favorite episodes).

What makes this episode special?

Now, there are a bunch of reasons why this one stands out in ways unknown, but we’re here to fill you in on the details, as usual.

Released on August 2. 2015, Mortynight Run is about Morty attempting and giving his all to save the life of an interdimensional floating, sentient, telepathic cloud he lovingly names “Fart”, and eventually taking the same life he worked a whole episode to protect and save. Tragic, but necessary.

One of the fondest moments between Morty and his friend Fart has got to be the lullaby-ish song he sings. This song, “Goodbye Moonmen” is about Fart’s perspective of universal peace and the cosmos without hatred. The lyrics are otherworldly and gorgeously outlandish, although the song has an eerie and melancholic vibe to it. This song quickly grew to become a viral sensation and is the most covered song of the whole series, yet.

The is co-written by David Phillips and co-creator Dan Harmon. Jemaine Clement, who voices Fart, is the voice behind this hauntingly beautiful tune. Sung in the ethereal style of David Bowie (refer Ground Control to Major Tom), this song is a tribute to him.


One very creative fan has gone on to collide two uniquely mind-blowing worlds into one breathtakingly spectacular mashup video that is truly captivating in every sense of the word.

YouTube used Anastasia Vasileva has brought together the tune Goodbye Moonmen in unison with a clip from Marvel’s movie Doctor Strange.

The grounds between both the franchises like multiple realities, parallel universes, interdimensional travel, and time manipulation blends the similarities in them. As ‘strange’ as it may sound, the clip from the bit where Stephen Vincent Strange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) is demonstrated the power of the mind and the multiple parallel universes that exist.

The clip is a visual masterpiece with its immensely

The clip is a visual masterpiece with its immensely psychedelic graphics and intricate visualization and goes perfectly with our beloved tune. The splicing is almost impeccable and is a true treat to our senses. Anastasia, WE LIKE WHAT YOU GOT!