The plot twists on "The Young and the Restless just keep getting better. On Friday Cane and Juliet believed Victoria was going to fire ex-hubby Billy and with good reason. Billy was caught on camera joking about gambling with members the baseball team who were sponsoring a "Brash and Sassy" commercial. Victoria almost lost the account but managed to smooth things over. There was one condition and that was for the guilty party to be fired.

The chain of events that Cane set in motion

When Billy began dating his brother Jack's ex-wife Phyllis for the second time it caused the rift between the siblings to grow.

During the same time, he and Cane were at odds because of work related drama at "Brash and Sassy'." One day Jack was drinking away his sorrows when he ran into Cane. The two men discussed how Billy ruins everything he touches. Jack suggested to Cane that he do something to help Billy mess up on the job at Brass and Sassy.

When the company employees went to Hollywood to shoot a commercial, Cane seized his opportunity. He convinced Juliet to send in a tape without editing it. What Juliet did not know, was that Cane had paid the camera man to cut the tape at just the spot where Billy was joking about gambling. Normally the entirety of the footage would be reviewed and then edited. When the person sponsoring the commercial saw the footage he wanted heads to roll.

Billy and Victoria

On Friday's episode Billy apologized and offered his resignation to Victoria, but she refused. Later Victoria fired Juliet instead. She blamed Juliet because she did not view the tape after it was edited, which was her job. For whatever reason, Juliet kept quiet that it was Cane who had her rush the tape through. Now Cane is in hot water.

Juliet can choose to tell Victoria his part in what took place, or she may tell his wife Lilly that she and Cane spent the night together in Tokyo. Either way, Cane is going to pay for his manipulations.

Cane will no doubt be livid because he thought it was Billy's head that was going to roll. He underestimated the bond between Victoria and her former husband.

Now he is in danger of losing his job or his marriage and possibly both. "The Young and the Restless" has allowed the Cane and Juliet affair to be kept under wraps for months. Now that Hillary knows and there is a tape, things are getting intense. Victoria, however, has her sights on getting her ex back. Both Cane and Juliet may be sacrificed. When it comes to her love for Billy, everyone else is just collateral damage.

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