Many "General Hospital" fans have wondered if Helena Cassidine is really dead. A lot of strange things have been taking place in Port Charles that have her signature on them. Jake Weber, son of Jason And Elizabeth, finds himself right in the middle of all the drama.

The magic kit

Jake received a magic kit in the mail that supposedly came from his cousin Spencer Cassidine. Along with the unusual bag of tricks is a silver canister with a Chimera on the front. Jake will not let anyone touch his kit, and, when alone, holds the canister. As the GH Nurses Ball drew near, Jake decided he must perform his magic at the gala.

He has been practicing and even enlisted Charlotte and Emma as his assistants.

On Thursday at the ball, Jake gets cold feet and tells the girls he is not going to perform after all. He walks out and leaves his magic kit behind. Emma and Charlotte decide to open it. Charlotte takes out the canister with the Chimera and pushes a button. Green lights begin blinking and she and Emma are fascinated, believing this is a simple magic trick. Jake returns and is angry the girls are examining his prized possession.

Helena has risen from the dead

As Jake is sitting by himself backstage, Helena Cassadine shows up. Viewers may have wondered if he were hallucinating or if this was a ghost. It soon becomes crystal clear that "General Hospital's she-devil is alive and well.

Madame Cassidine tells the child that if it were not for her, he would be dead. She compels Jake to go on stage and perform his magic. She then tells him to, "Make all of Port Charles disappear." It is very clear that little Jake is fearful of this imposing woman.

When we see the young boy again, he has joined his mother onstage where the final song has just been sung.

Jake tells her he is now ready to do his magic trick. Elizabeth gives him a strange look because the show is over. Because of Helena's programming of the child, he, no doubt, will release the Chimera one way or another.

Everyone at the ball is in danger because they do not know exactly what the Chimera is and how it is activated.

Clearly, there is more to it than pushing the button that cut on the lights. This is evident by the fact that Jake turned the lights off after Charlotte started them blinking. Helena is no doubt long gone by now. She, of course, removed herself out of harm's way. Lady Cassadine believes her work is finished and that her youngest henchman will get the job done.