Abby Lee Miller received her sentence of one year and one day in prison on Tuesday but has no plans to stop doing her business. Instead of being depressed, the 50-year-old star chose to accept her fate and continue to live a normal life by working.

The former “Dance Moms” host was found guilty of bankruptcy fraud for bringing undeclared foreign money amounting $120,000 in the United States. Aside from being imprisoned, she is also required to pay $40,000 for fine and $120,000 money judgment.

Miller has a new dance show

In an interview with E! News after her verdict, Miller proved that she wouldn't let the court decision affect her.

In fact, she revealed that someone already called her to start shooting as she is about to return to television with a new show. "I think I'll be ready to go,” she said. If worst things happen, she will proudly say that she’s a good teacher and does very well in what she does.

The famous choreographer also boasted that she has an eye for detail and can turn a beginner kid into an advanced dancer to a professional performer. Regarding her new show, she unveiled that it will be a scripted program that will be involving teenagers. "It's kind of where ‘Dance Moms’ should have left off," she added.

Choreographer not afraid to be imprisoned

Moreover, as a lot think that Miller will be spending her entire year in prison, she is actually looking forward to continuing doing her projects as usual.

As a matter of fact, she is being hopeful to complete the ruling in California so her businesses can easily come to her. Since she will be having a new show and other stuff, people will be able to visit her in the said state.

On the contrary, the owner of Reign Dance Productions thought that she might be just fooling herself but quickly retorted that she has things to do.

She insisted that she is never selfish, she never intends to focus on herself, and, in fact, she puts her sole attention to somebody else.

Her strongness and breakdown

Meanwhile, in spite of showing how strong she is, Miller can’t fight her emotions and tear up while doing the interview. She even said that she is going to miss everything when the time comes that she has to serve her sentence.

She, too, owned her mistakes and takes responsibility for it.

The director perfectly knows that she has to pay for her wrongdoings. However, she still feels sorry for what happened and thinks that things should have been different if the case is handled in a different way.