The episode 8 of "The Originals" season 4 is coming onto The CW next week, and there is a big motivation to be excited about: Matt Davis is here and for the first time since "The Vampire Diaries" series finale, a character from that TV series is crossing over.

Episode 7 plot and highlights

In the last episode of "The Originals", The Hollow made its come back taking hold of the body of Sofya, the safest area to hide. As for Klaus, he realized thanks to Hope that his only opportunity to win this evil spirit was to join Marcel.

In the meantime, Vincent led to renew the link with the parents by talking with Davina.

Named "Voodoo in My Blood," the new episode 8 will see Alaric (M. Davis) meet up with Marcel (C.M. Davis) and Elijah (D. Gillies). According to the official teaser, old scars are reopened when Elijah and Marcel are forced to become partners.

Together, they must come up with a new project to take down The Hollow. According to the official synopsis of "The Originals" Episode 8, the ancestors summon Klaus and Hayley and they move to the ancestral world. Hayley and Klaus come face to front with Davina. She is Klaus's former opponent and that person who appreciates about The Hollow's death. Subsequently, Marcel and Elijah have to become a part of an association and old wounds are opened.

Episode 8 spoilers and preview

The plot of this new episode published on TV Line highlighted some surprisingly sweet scenes including our favorite original vampire family. In fact, the outlet saw how the show had a single way of making a scene where “a grown man threaten a seven-year-old girl into taking him a bag of blood” and still believe it’s “kind of sweet.”

Hope’s first visit to the Mikaelson cell where Marcel is currently living showcased how great and innocent she is as she communicates with Klaus’s prodigal adoptive son in a way that would make you hold she had no idea of the bad blood between this man and her father.

The trailer published online shows Klaus and Hayley coming face to face with the dead magician.

TV Guide reports that Davina reveals that she is the only one that is between them and the Hollow, that their time is up and she then announces a dark secret. The Hollow has only one fault that she identifies of. When Klaus questions what it is, Davina turns her gaze to Hayley.

The scene then moves to a little girl with long hair and a wolf at her side. It looks like the Hollow's fault is the werewolf.

Episode 8 of "The Originals" season 4 will air on Friday, May 12 at 8.00 pm EST on the CW.