Before the much-awaited “Final Battle” begins, ABC just renewed “Once Upon a Time” for Season 7. After a lot of predictions and assumptions, fans finally received the news that they have long waiting for.

It has been said that the show’s seventh season will go on a major reset anchoring only a few of its Original Cast. Lana Parilla (Regina Mills), Robert Carlyle (Rumpelstiltskin), and Colin O’Donoghue (Hook) are the ones sure reprising their roles along with the newly added Andrew J. West.

The return and stars' exit

The role of “The Walking Dead” star has yet to be revealed but he is set to be a series regular coming “Once Upon a Time” Season 7.

Jennifer Morrison, who plays the lead role of Emma Swan, earlier revealed that she is going to leave the show, but might return in only one episode as a guest star.

Her on-screen parents, Ginnifer Goodwin (Mary Margaret Blanchard) and Josh Dallas (David Nolan), on the other hand, are no longer part of the next installment’s cast members and may only appear as guest stars.

Show's executive producers talk about the upcoming season

From the looks of it, the coming “Once Upon a Time” Season 7 will be very different from its predecessors that fans used to see. The show’s executive producer Adam Horowitz also announced the renewal by simply posting the number seven on his Twitter account.

In an interview with E!

News, Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis talked about what the new installment might look like now that some of its original stars are gone. "I think if there's one thing this show has done, it's reinvented itself every year,” the latter said.

He added that the fairy tale television series has the ability to reinvent itself every year featuring too many stories in one program.

Hence, as it is starting to present many different narratives, they feel like this is the best time to put an end to some of its stories. He also boasted that the upcoming new installment can regenerate on its own. "And I think when you see the [season six] ending you'll go, ‘Oh yeah!'" he continued.

Horowitz, on the other hand, explained that some of the characters stories are set to come to an end, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be no new narrative for various roles.

Thus, at the end of show’s season six finale, it will put an end to the things that they have been doing for six years in a very satisfying way. And from here, fans will see what they are trying to do in the next season.