Fans will only have a year to see their favorite Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn), Jake Ballard (Scott Foley), and more asscandalSeason 7 will be the show’s final bow. According to reports, ABC is planning to announce the political drama is coming to an end next week.

The television series is only left with two more episodes before the current season comes to a close. And as the show got renewed for a new chapter, its creator Shonda Rhimes decided to finish it off, according to TVLine.

A planned finale

It looks like Rhimes already planned to end “Scandal” on its seventh season as she previously told The Hollywood Reporter in 2014 that the show won’t run for 10 or eight seasons long.

"I think there's only so much ‘Scandal’ you can tell satisfactorily,” she said.

The story of Fritzgerald and Olivia “can only be told and in such a way,” thus she already chose how long it will run and what are going to happen to them next. Although ABC and the television producer’s production Shondaland refused to comment, the network is going to reveal its other details at ABC’s upfront presentation in New York on Tuesday.

Head of ABC’s take on the show’s ending

ABC Entertainment chief Channing Dungey, on the other hand, implied that the network is already expecting the show’s ending. As Rhimes is the one who will decide, the head just agreed to what the creator wants. She revealed that she knows that the 47-year-old television producer has “great ideas” for the coming “Scandal” Season 7.

However, he admitted that they haven’t talked about it again. She also confessed that she personally love the show and she would be happy to keep it as long as the screenwriter still has creative ways to run it.

The success of the political drama

Moreover, “Scandal” has been classified as the most watched and the television series that made noise the most in ABC since it aired.

It was even the first show that benefitted on Twitter and ‘second-screen social media activity” as its way of increasing awareness and viewership.

The show is the one responsible for making Washington one of the biggest stars in the business and has helped Rhimes to be one of the most successful screenwriters and becomes an “uber-showrunner.” It, too, is the main foundation of ABC’s “TGIT.” And now that it will soon come to an end, the 40-year-old actress is trusting Rhimes to what’s better for their show. ABC has yet to announce the release date of “Scandal” Season 7 as the current season is still ongoing.