Marvel has been on a roll within the last week with their casting announcements for their film and television properties, involving everyone from Netflix to Fox. Just a few days ago a new adult animated cartoon centered around Deadpool was announced to be arriving on FXX in 2018.

An official trailer was released for the brand new “The Defenders” which sees the team up of all of the Marvel heroes on Netflix, and now fans finally have an official casting announcement for the brand new New Mutants film slated to release in 2018.

Director Josh Boone, known for his work on “The Fault in Our Stars,” has announced that Maisie Williams of the television show “Game of Thrones” and Anya Taylor-Joy from 2015's feature film “The Witch” have both been officially cast in the “New Mutants” film.

A furry situation is afoot

Maisie Williams is set to play Rahne Sinclair, known better as Wolfsbane to comic book fans, who is a young Scottish woman with the ability to transform into a werewolf-like creature. Wolfsbane has a difficult time accepting her powers in the comic because she originates from a very religious family and her religious beliefs often conflict with her abilities.

Williams is best known for her role as Arya Stark in the ratings hit “Game of Thrones.” She marks the second actress from the “Game of Thrones” family to join the Marvel family, following Sophie Turner's portrayal of Jean Grey in 2016's “X-men: Apocalypse.”

X-men siblings finally showing up in live action

Anya Taylor-Joy will be playing the role of Illyana Rasputin, who goes by the codename Magik in the comic books.

Magik can teleport and control magic, and she is famously known as the sister of Colossus, who appeared in 2016's “Deadpool” movie and is slated for a return in Fox's “Deadpool 2” in 2018. Taylor-Joy has previously appeared in the hit film “The Fault in Our Stars,” and she recently gave an interview about how excited she was to be a part of the “New Mutants” film which is scheduled foranApril 13, 2018 release date.

In addition to Wolfsbane and Magik, Director Josh Boone confirmed that the “New Mutants” lineup will also have Sunspot, Warlock, Cannonball, and Moonstar to help round out the roster. “New Mutants” is based off of the comic book of the same name, which debuted in 1982 and has seen multiple incarnations of the years.

Crossovers could happen

It is interesting to note that the New Mutant comic books are where the fan favorite mutant Deadpool was first introduced, so a crossover could be in the works between “Deadpool 2” and “New Mutants.” Possibly tied together by the Rasputin siblings.

Both Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy were rumored to have already been cast for the roles of Wolfsbane and Magik respectively, with concept art leaking out of Williams as Wolfsbane, but Fox denied these reports until now.

“New Mutants” marks the third X-men related film slated to release in 2018 from Fox, a lineup that also includes “Deadpool 2” and the “Dark Phoenix” film which will see the return of Sophie Turner as Jean Grey.