Those who follow Kim Kardashian and Kanye West know that the couple gave birth to their daughter North West on June 15 of 2013. This date was less than two weeks after Kim’s divorce with her previous husband was finalized. Kim and North’s father Kanye became engaged on October 21 of the same year their daughter was born. The two tied the knot the following year on May 24 in Italy. While Nort is only a few years old, she's already the spitting image of her father.

North is already an opinionated toddler

While North is only three-years-old (turning four next month), there is no denying she’s a spunky and opinionated toddler.

While her parents Kanye and Kim are no strangers to making headlines all the time, it was actually North West herself that made headlines recently. It was her response to paparazzi that has attracted so much attention to the young member of the Kardashian family.

North shares her father’s opinion of pictures

Last week, three-year-old North West was leaving the Museum of Ice Scream with her mother Kim when they were swarmed by paparazzi snapping pictures and asking questions. In the moment, North was the spitting image of her father Kanye as she revealed her opinion of all the attention. In fact, like her father, North made it clear she wasn’t interested in the attention the paparazzi was swarming her with.

“No pictures! No pictures!” were the words North West chanted several times as she left the Museum of Ice cream with her mother.

As those who follow Kim Kardashian and Kanye West know, Kanye is not a big fan of paparazzi. In fact, Kanye has also had a history of denying fans on the street a chance to snap a selfie with him. It would appear as his young daughter is following in his footsteps in regards to the West family’s opinion of paparazzi. Video footage of North West’s encourage with paparazzi can be watched below.

Some feel bad for North West

Many news outlets and individuals who follow Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been very sympathetic of North West. After all, it is far from easy for adults to handle all of the stress associated with being famous and in the spotlight all of the time. One can only image what it must feel like for a toddler who is still learning, growing, and trying to understand what is going on in the world around her.

Is it possible the paparazzi are going too far in targeting the young North West for pictures? Should celebrity children be off limits from this type of harassment? One thing is for sure, North sure takes after daddy Kanye.

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