Hey, "Supernatural" peeps. We were able to get a couple of pretty intriguing storyline scoops and preview clip (below) from the CW this week, for the upcoming episode 20 of season 12. We've got Sam and Dean, heading out to help a new girl, named Alicia, track down her mother that recently went out to hunt down some very powerful witch! Then over on Mary's side of things, she'll be starting to have some serious doubts regarding the British Men Of Letters.

Tasha Banes

We've got a very interesting title for this one, as they revealed that the producers are calling it: "Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes." They started off their big synopsis reveal, by telling us that we'll be seeing some new chick, named Alicia Banes (played by guest star Kara Royster), in action.

She's going to try to ring up Mary's phone for some help in locating her mother, named Tasha (played by guest star Alvina August), who has apparently gone missing.

Extremely powerful

Instead of getting Mary, Sam is going to pick up her phone, which will prompt he and Dean to take a road trip on out to her place to help her and her bother, named Max (played by guest star Kendrick Sampson). Apparently, Tasha's been trying to hunt down a witch that's described as being extremely powerful, and never came back. Uh oh! Is it too got damn late for Tasha? Or will Dean and Sam be able to track her down in a safe and sound condition? They didn't let us in on that very important piece of intel, so it looks like we'll have to sit back tight, and see what happens when this episode airs.

We should get some pretty interesting scenes out of it,though.

Come to her senses

Next, they gave us some intel on what Mary will be up to, and it sounds like she'll be starting to come to her senses, because they tell us that doubts will start to arise in her mind about these crooked British Men Of Letters folks. Will Mary end up, acting out on these doubts?

Or will she keep them contained? Well, judging from the promo pics and promo clip (below), it doesn't look like it, as she will end up, punching the crap out of one of them, which of course, will lead to a big, violent confrontation! This episode was directed by Richard Speight, Jr., and they hired Steve Yockey to write up the script.

So are they

In the new clip, they start off, showing us a clip with Dean, leaving his mother a message, telling her that he and Sam are about to go help the witch twins, so that gave us some extra intel that not only is Max and Alicia's mother Sasha a witch, but so are they. Next, we see a glimpse of them. Then in another scene, it doesn't look like they appreciate Dean and Sam's help as Max is spotted, using his magic to force Dean into a chair. We're not really sure what that's all about, but it definitely looks like we should expect things to get quite intense there.

Punching the Men Of Letters

After all that, we get the very dramatic and violent scenes that feature Mary, punching the crap out of one of the British Men Of Letters ,at one point, when he appears to try and stop her from leaving.

From there, the clip caps off with a very disturbing scene that shows a glimpse of Mary in serious, freaking trouble when the guy pulls out a syringe! Oh no! Will Mary be able to escape before they F her up? Or is it all over for her? That's the big questions for this storyline. We'll have to wait and see. Be sure to check out the new clip (below). Episode 20 is currently due to hit the airwaves this Thursday night, May 4th,2017 at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.